New Promo

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When creating a new promo, you will need to specify the following:

  • A title
  • A discount method
  • The amount for the discount / new price
  • The items included in the promotion
  • The Activation method


This is an easy one 😊 - just type in the title of the promo. It will be displayed in the app only, this is used only for internal purposes, in order to reference your promos.

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Discount method and amount

You can choose among the following methods:

  1. Fixed amount - the discount will be a fixed amount (e.g. old price minus $10)
  2. Percentage - the discount will be a percentage of the price (e.g. old price minus 10%)
  3. Fixed Price - sets a brand new price to the selected products (e.g. New price is $5)

Once you've picked your method, just add the amount to apply the discount on selected items.

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Items included in the promotion

There are 3 ways of selectiing items:

  1. Products - Hand pick products variants to include in the promotion, you can also pick one certain variants (Max 100 items)
  2. Collections - Apply a discount to a whole collection (Max 100 items)
  3. Custom - Create conditions to filter certain products based on some of their properties like price, SKU, stock, title, product type and tags. (Max 100 items)
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Activation method

Here you can choose how the promotion will be activated:

  1. Manually - the promotion will be created but it will not be active until you activate it manually
  2. Scheduled (Pro and Unlimited plan) - the promotion will be created and activated automatically at a certain date and time based on your choice. You can also choice only a start date or both start and end date

All the schedules are based on your current timezone.

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